What Clients Say

“…enhanced my knowledge of sales cycle, sales strategies and sales engagement as well as better utilize of a systematic approach to the market.. highly recommended to any corporate companies looking to improve their sales & marketing teams….”   

- S.Tan, VP Consumer Sales, ECS

“… wowed us all with their sessions on Social Media Marketing in terms of content and delivery. The THREE60 Inc’s consultant has great subject matter expertise and certainly delivered value that was above everyone's expectations ...”    

- S.Toh, Marketing Director, Motorola

 "....Companies and businesses looking to improving their bottomline and return on investments, simply MUST look at what THREE60 Inc has to offer..."

- Willy Lim, Founder, NetProfitQuest

“....a fantastic service provider if you are looking to move your organisation to the next level or if you are facing challenges that need a swift and effective solution... understanding of both online and offline marketing make them a boon for any company looking to move into new media as well.”

- A. Lim, Marketing Director, SKIN INC

THREE60 Inc is an Asia-based business management consulting firm that specialises in providing multi-faceted and comprehensive business performance-tuning and growth solutions. 

We work with companies that have recognised gaps between where the company is today and the optimised situation where they feel it should be. And these gaps are typically due to challenges they face in their sales, channels and marketing process.

Challenges such as:-

  • Sales people regularly cutting prices to win business
  • Long, painful and unpredictable sales cycles
  • Sub-optimised channel partner network or route to market
  • Ineffective and expensive marketing campaigns with limited returns

If your company is in the same predicament, THREE60 Inc, with our business management consulting services will be able to work through the challenges with you.


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